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Q: What time will you arrive to setup my outdoor movie?
A: We will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to your scheduled movie start time. We will have music playing as your guests arrive.


Q: What if the weather does not cooperate?
A: Old, reliable Mother Nature!  If the weather looks inclement the day of your event, you have the option of postponing your movie PRIOR to our technician arriving at no additional charge.  If the technician arrives on site and bad weather moves in, there will be a labor charge to postpone your event.  We can setup equipment with winds of up to 15 mph, however, for the safety of you, your guests and our technical staff, screens will be immediately deflated and electronic equipment covered and/or moved when winds exceed 20 miles per hour or it begins to rain steadily.  If your movie is playing and has passed the halfway mark, no make up date will be offered.  Because of the precariousness of our Atlanta weather, we do our best to accommodate postponements so there is no definitive timeframe in which they must be rescheduled.


Q:  Can my movie be moved indoors?

A:  If you have the space and access to power, we can easily setup your screen in a covered indoor space  should weather be a concern.  Let your technician know prior to arrival so that he/she can provide weights to properly secure the screen.  


Q: Do I need a license to play a movie?

A: For a detailed explanation of licensure, please CLICK HERE. Generally speaking, if you are showing a movie in your backyard for a small group of family or friends, licensing is not necessary. If you are planning a movie event for a large audience such as a school, apartment complex, church or other type of business, we HIGHLY recommend you go through the proper channels to secure a license to show your movie.  You can find a list of some of the companies that provide movie licenses on our website.


Q: What kind of power is required?  
A: For screens sizes of 16 foot and under, we can run all of the movie equipment off of one outlet.   Our 20 and 25 foot screens will require a minimum of  two separate outlets.


Q: What if we do not have access to a wall outlet for power?
A: We do not supply generators, however most local home improvement stores provide them inexpensively.


Q: How long do we get to keep the screen and equipment?
A: Our typical rental period is 3 1/2 hours, including setup, movie playing time and breakdown following the event.  Should you want to show more than one movie, there will be an additional labor charge of $95.00 per hour.   


Q: Can I show a movie during the daytime?
A: Not with traditional movie equipment--our projectors require dark conditions for optimum viewing.  We do offer LED walls that will allow movies and sporting events to be broadcast at any time of day.

Q: What if I want to show the movie in a pool area with limited space?
A: We offer many screen options including rear projection screens and short throw projectors that can be used in smaller spaces.  


Q: What type of format is needed for a movie?
A:  We provide a DVD player, so the movie will need to be in DVD format and if you are streaming, you will need to provide the device, (computer, laptop or cable box).  The device provided MUST have an HDMI out.


Q: Will the screens or equipment damage the grass?
A: Because the weight is equally distributed over a large surface area, even our larger screens will not damage or leave ruts in your grass. 


Q: Do you offer any concession services?

A:  We do offer delicious pre-popped popcorn that comes in 100 serving size bags including smaller bags for distribution.


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