Showtime Entertainment  3939 Royal Dr Ste. 115 Kennesaw, Ga 30144   (678) 951-0044

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Q: What time will you arrive to setup my outdoor movie?
A: We will arrive approximately 1 hour prior to your scheduled movie start time. We will have music playing as your guests arrive.


Q: What if it rains?
A: We offer you a 30 day make-up date. In the event that the movie is started, and it goes over the halfway mark, no make up date will be offered. If it looks like rain, our technicians will stay in touch with you prior to their arrival to see if the event needs to be rescheduled.


Q: Do I need a license to play a movie?
A: For a detailed explanation of licensure, please CLICK HERE. Generally speaking, if you are showing a movie in your backyard for a small group of family or friends, licensing is not necessary. If you are planning a movie event for a large audience such as a school, apartment complex, church or other type of business, we HIGHLY recommend you go through the proper channels to secure a license to show your movie. A complete list of companies that provide movie licenses is also available on our website.


Q: What type of power is required?
A: We can run all of our movie gear off of one outlet. We bring 200' of heavy duty extension cords to every event.


Q: What if we do not have access to a wall outlet for power?
A: Just let us know and we will bring a power generator to the event for an additional $95.


Q: How long do we get to keep the screen and equipment?
A: Our rental period will accommodate one feature film, (approximately 3 hours). If you would like to purchase more time for a double feature, the equipment is available for an additional $95 per hour.


Q: Can I show a movie during the daytime?
A: NO! Just like a drive- in theater, the darker the better. As far as technology and projectors have come, we still can't beat the sun!


Q: Are your screens rear projection?
A: Our screens are all front projection for the best picture quality available.


Q: Can your equipment show Blue-Ray DVDs?
A: Yes, however you need to notify us prior to your scheduled date so that we can provide the proper equipment.


Q: How heavy are your screens, will they damage the grass?
A: Our giant screen weighs 300 lbs. Because the weight is equally distributed over a large surface area, the screen will not damage or leave ruts in your grass. If you choose to have our screen standing for a few days, the prolonged pressure and the heat from the sun may dry out the grass.


Q: How well can your screens handle the wind?
A: Our screens can take winds up to 23 mph (when trees start to sway vigorously). We can setup equipment with winds of up to 15 mph. Once the screen is standing, it can handle winds of 23 mph. Beyond 23 mph, our technicians will immediately deflate the screen. The screen can safely deflate in less than 20 seconds. In windy situations, we often shift screen placement so that the screen is parallel to the wind.


Q: How many techs show up to our event?

A.That depends on the size of the screen. For our smaller screens we will send just one technician. For our larger screens we will send 2-3 technicians.