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Q:  How long is the rental period?

A:  For weekend events, you can pick your equipment up on Friday and return it to us on Sunday.


Q: Is there an extra delivery or setup charge for a Karaoke rental?
A: You have the option of picking up the equipment yourself at no additional charge, or having one of our experienced technicians deliver, setup and test and pickup your system for an additional fee.  You can arrange for one way delivery and setup or our full service setup and pickup.


Q: Do I need to supply anything for my Karaoke event?
A: All we need from you is sufficient electrical power, a strong Wi-Fi connection, and your crowd of aspiring singers!

Please be sure to check the strength of your WiFi signal at the location where your karaoke system will be set up. For example, if your karaoke will be set up on a back porch or deck, please test the connection there, not inside your home. Sometimes it may be necessary to move your router closer to the karaoke area. We must be able to connect our karaoke system to your wireless network for the songs to stream.


Q: How many songs are included?
A: There are hundreds of thousands of songs  available at no additional cost.


Q: Do you provide song booklets?
A: Because of the vast catalog of available songs, booklets are not provided.  Just step up to the mic, search for your song and hit play!  If there is a specific song you are looking for, you can check to make sure it is available under the "Search Our Online Songbook " button under the Karaoke tab on our website.  


Q: Does your karaoke include songs with inappropriate lyrics?
A: Because of the times we live in, all karaoke systems now include rap, hip-hop, and even some rock songs with age-sensitive lyrics. We recommend appointing an adult to oversee users' song choices.


Q: I'm not sure of the exact name of the song I'm thinking of. How can I find it?
A: While you can search for songs by title, we recommend searching by artist. This method reduces the risk of spelling errors and allows you to identify the song you have in mind much more quickly. 


Q: Is there a TV monitor to show the words for me to follow along?
A: Your monitor is the same iPad screen that you use for searching and starting your songs. Once you start playing your song, the words will appear and highlight as you sing along. It's really that simple! 


Q: How do I know whether to rent the "Do-It-Yourself" option, or the "Delivery & Setup" option?
A: We provide simple, step-by-step instructions on our Karaoke page that will walk you through the setup process. However, if you are NOT well versed in audio equipment, we STRONGLY recommend that you have us deliver and set up your karaoke rental. Inexperienced experimentation with the controls and settings can cause very annoying feedback, distortion, as well as possible permanent damage to the equipment. You may even want to consider appointing a knowledgeable guest to oversee the karaoke system during your event, so that other guests don't inadvertently change the settings and cause undesirable results.   We are not responsible for do-It-yourself rental mishaps that fail to satisfy inexperienced users.


Q:  It's the weekend and I'm having a technical issue, what should I do?

A:  Don't panic!  Usually any technical issue is easily remedied.  Call our office and leave a voicemail, visit our website or send a quick email and we will put you in touch with an experienced technician that can walk you through the issue.


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