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Looking to add some technical flair to your next event?  We now offer incredible HD LED video walls.  Our LED panels can be utilized both indoors and outdoors and can be configured in a large variety of eye-catching ways.

Ideal for movies, concerts, sporting events, trade shows, corporate and 

house-of-worship celebrations, these screens can be stream a wide variety of media including music, logos, movies, messages and sponsorships.


Unlike traditional projectors, LED panels can be viewed in complete sunlight--that is the reason most concert and sporting venues use them.


Our top-quality panels panels made by a leading manufacturer, are offered in a  indoor/outdoor model with a pitch of and water rated at ip65.  (It can get hit with rain!) and our HD 2.8mm indoor only modules.


Contact us today to get a 3D rendering of one of these state-of-the-art LED walls for your next event!

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