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Q: Why don't you publish your Up Lighting prices?
A: We offer package discounts for multiple rental services. The more items you rent from us, the better deal we can give you on each one. Leaving out individual item prices prevents visitors from adding them all up and having the wrong idea of what their discounted bundled package could actually cost. For rates, call us at 678-951-0044, or write us here about what you're interested in, and we'll contact you promptly with a great deal!


Q: I have no idea how many lights I'll need, or where they should be placed. How do I decide which Up Lighting package to choose?
A: We are happy to meet with you at your venue to take a look at its layout, measure, and dicuss the possibilities and options you have to greatly enhance your event with our dramatic lighting deisgns. This better allows us to consider entryways, windows, stages, posts, and other room objects when helping you come up with the perfect package. If at all possible, you can email floor plans and room photos to us as well.


Q: Is there an extra delivery or setup charge for lighting services?
A: No. Delivery and setup, within our service area, is included as part of the quoted rental rate. We will occasionally travel outside of our service area for larger rentals, and an additional delivery fee might be necessary depending on distance. Providing services beyond our local area will be decided on a case by case basis.


Q: Is there a time limit on your Up Lighting services??
A: Whether your event is two hours or ten hours, your lighting can remain running the entire time, at no extra charge. Our LED fixtures have a very low power consumption.


Q: What about safety? Will there be cords, plugs or hot fixtures getting in our guests' way?
A: No. There are never any loose wires, cables, or connectors for guests to possibly trip over or damage. We take great care to place our lighting in secluded locations where they will be well out of the way whenever possible, and secure all wiring down to conceal them. Our LED lamps remain cool and are perfectly safe if touched by curious children, and will not damage surfaces if disturbed, regardless of how long they've been running.


Q: What colors are available for Up Lighting?
A: Our LED fixtures can produce hundreds of colors. You can find RGB color charts on Google to see just how unlimited your choices are.

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