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Q: What time will you arrive at my event?
A: Typically, you can expect us to arrive at your event 45-60 minutes prior the scheduled start time. This time will enable setup and properly test all of the equipment and accommodate any last minute changes, if necessary.

Q: What will the DJ wear?
A: You dictate the dress code for your event. From formal occasions to backyard pool parties, your entertainer will dress accordingly.

Q: Does the DJ take a break?
A: No. The DJ will perform continuously throughout the night. From the scheduled start time until your party concludes, the music will be playing, (unless, of course, you request a break).

Q: Will the DJ play any games?
A: At your request!  Our experienced DJs have many engaging games and activities designed to keep guests of all ages entertained and participating.  If you are interested in specific contests, games or other interactive activities, please let your Event Coordinator know in advance of your event so the DJ can properly prepare for these activities. 

Q: Can we choose the music to be played at our event?
A: We are counting on it!  Our services are based solely on your musical preferences and we encourage you to provide your coordinator with an idea of the genre of music you would like played including "must play" songs.  Each event is unique, and our DJs are well versed at reading the crowd and packing the dance floor. 

Q: Can I compile a "do not play" list?
A: Absolutely!  This may be just as important to you as your "must play" list. You may also create a "do not play list" from our song request page and send it to us in the same manner.

Q: We have teenagers that love hip-hop, are your songs edited?
A: Yes...and no!  We have radio edited music as well as the unedited versions of today's most popular songs.  It is completely your decision which of these you prefer.

Q: What if we request a song the DJ does not have?
A: With the advent of streaming services, there is typically no song that cannot be readily streamed.  If you provide your "must play" song list in advance, you can ensure that your DJ will be well prepared for your event. 

Q: How loud do you play the music?
A: One of the greatest concerns regarding bands and DJs is that the music will be too loud. Part of our setup process includes adjusting the volume in order to ensure that the music does not overwhelm your guests. During your cocktail and dinner hours we will play soft and relaxing background music. The sound will be evenly dispersed throughout your venue space allowing your guests to freely communicate.  Once the dance music begins, we will adjust the volume accordingly. This may require the re-positioning of speakers and equalization of the music in order to get the right sound for the specific room. We will focus the music in the dance floor area. This means that while the volume is loud enough to dance to on the floor, the rest of the room will be able to continue to comfortably socialize.  Do not hesitate to ask the DJ to further adjust the volume if necessary.


Q: Does the DJ carry backup equipment?
A: Prior to arrival, the DJ will have inspected his equipment to ensure that everything is properly functioning.  Occasionally cords can go bad, and the DJ will have a few replacement cords on hand for just such a circumstance.  Typically those issues are uncovered during the setup process and the DJ can quickly troubleshoot and remedy the situation, often without you and your guests even knowing that a problem occurred. 

Q: Will the DJ provide any lighting?
A: Light trees and other interactive lighting options are available as an additional price.  We offer a wide variety of lighting options to complement any occasion or interact with music. 

Q: How interactive are your DJs?
A: The answer is simple: our DJs will be as interactive as you want them to be. They can remain in the background and play music with minimal audience interaction, or they can actively engage the crowd, or be somewhere in between.   The ultimate goal is to ensure that you and your guests having a blast!

Q: How experienced are your entertainers?
A: The short answer is very!  All of our DJs have years of experience hosting formal and informal events throughout our area, (and beyond).  We do our best to pair you with the personality and skill set that most closely matches the vibe of your event.  

Q: Will my DJ be drinking at my event?
A: No!  Our entertainers are professionals that are entrusted to engage your guests.  They will NOT consume alcohol before or during any event.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes.  We are fully insured.  Our e are covered by a $2,000,000 aggregate liability insurance policy.  This gives you the security of knowing that you, your family, your friends, guests and the facility are taken care of by a professional company that cares enough to be prepared.

Q: Does the DJ expect a gratuity?
A: While it is customary to tip the entertainment industry, it certainly is not mandatory. If your DJ surpasses your expectations, an additional gratuity of 5-10% would be considered not only extremely generous, but a great compliment as well.

Q: Do I provide a meal for the DJ?
A: It is completely up to you!  Typical events can span 5 or 6 hours including setup and breakdown and while never expected, it is always appreciated.

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